For centuries, the traditional Bedouin tent has offered protection to nomadic people in the desert. Shelter from the scorching sun, nightly cold, and incidental but heavy rain. The tent, traditionally woven from goatshair, was easy to take with, quick to pitch, and the distinctive shape prevented wind and sandstorms getting hold of it.

Determining the ambiance
Approx. two decades ago, Qtents’ founders became acquainted with the nomad or stretch tent for the first time at a party. Impressed with the tent’s exclusive and ambiance determining qualities, they decided to rent the innovative product to the professional event branch. They began their own production of high quality, highly durable tent canvas, because the market couldn’t provide the quality they strived for. The quality Qtents provides is making an impression international and the company has developed into a leading manufacturer of professional stretch tents.

High tech
Qtents develops high tech tent canvas from an unwavering focus on innovation and a direct pursuit of the very best quality. Extremely flexible, strong and durable. With patented seam seals, produced with the most modern welding machines. Modular expansion possible, easy to pitch, super-fast deliverable.

That is what Qtents stands for, for stretch tents that are seen as a world-wide standard. Dutch Design, Global Standard.