Stretch tents: the versatile canopy for every occasion

Qtents is the stretch tent manufacturer of choice, with all our tents made at our factory in Waalwijk, the Netherlands. A Qtents tent is made from top-grade materials. All our tents are extremely durable because we use the latest technologies to produce them. Qtents supplies stretch tents in a large range of standard sizes. We usually have a large stock of standard sizes, so we can deliver them extremely quickly. Are you looking to buy an absolutely top-quality stretch tent? Please get in touch with Qtents so we can send you an estimate with no obligation to purchase.

Versatile thanks to a clever yet simple modular system
All our stretch tents can be joined together. Qtents’ stretch tents are easy to join up thanks to a clever modular system. You can cover large surfaces by joining stretch tents. The entire canopy can easily be made watertight by fitting a groove between two tents. Because you can join stretch tents to each other, you can make your range more versatile.

What are the standard sizes of stretch tents?
Are you looking to buy a stretch tent? At Qtents, we have several standard sizes in stock. The sizes are divided into the categories small, medium and large. Small includes sizes 4 x 6 metres, 6 x 6 metres and 7.5 x 7.5 metre. Medium covers the sizes 6 x 10.5 metres, 7.5 x 10 metres and 10.5 x 10.5 metres. We classify 10.5 x 12 metres, 10.5 x 15 metres and 10.5 x 20 metres as large. We use lengths of fabric, so our stretch canvases are made per width of 1.5 metres. As a result, our stretch tents are slightly larger than the sizes given as 10 X 15 metres and 10 x 20 metres.

A bespoke stretch tent, made specially for you
Are you looking for a bespoke stretch tent? You have come to the right people at Qtents. Qtents’ stretch tents are made at our factory, which means we can accommodate for countless wishes.
We can make specific sizes, openings for chimneys and trees, and any other precise details you might want. Our team of designers and engineers are at your service and will help you find a bespoke solution. We are your one-stop-shop, so we can respond quickly and deliver quickly. Do you want to buy a bespoke stretch tent? Please get in touch with our sales department.

Qtents stretch tents are sold all over the world
You can buy a stretch tent from Qtents, no matter which country you are in. Qtents’ stretch tents are made at our factory in the Netherlands. Qtents sells tents all over the world directly or through global resellers. The tents are shipped by road, sea or air, depending on what you want. If you like, we can even arrange a full-service solution to manage this process for you. Of course, you can always collect your order yourself or arrange the transport yourself. We would be delighted to welcome you to our factory in Waalwijk, the Netherlands.

Are stretch tents suitable for events?
Stretch tents make perfect canopies for all sorts of events, from private parties at home, weddings and anniversaries to corporate events and large festivals. Thanks to the versatility of our stretch tents, they can be put up in a range of different ways, making them suitable for almost any kind of event. By adding walls to each side of a stretch tent, they can be fully closed, making them windproof too.

Stretch tents for hotels, restaurants and cafés
A terrace is often an extension of a hospitality venue. If you put up a tent, you can make even more profit from your outdoor area. By covering your terrace, you can protect your guests from rain and hot sunshine. As this type of cover is not a permanent structure, you usually won’t need a permit to erect a tent for long-term use.

Can you erect a stretch tent yourself?
Stretch tents are easy to erect yourself. You can always ask for mounting instructions in a manual when you make your purchase. We will of course send it to you free of charge. The stretch tent is easy to erect if you follow the instructions and removing it is no trouble either. Qtents also supplies all the equipment you need to erect and remove the tents, as well as supplying the stretch tents.

How much does a stretch tent cost?
The price of a stretch tent depends on several factors, which include the number of square metres of canvas required to produce the stretch tent. In addition, there are its appurtenances and shipping costs, if you want us to ship it to you. We would be happy to draw up a quotation so that you have an idea of the costs of a stretch tent. Our sales team are ready to help you.

Buy top-quality stretch tents from Qtents now!
Our sales department is ready to draw up a quotation that factors in your wishes. Please get in touch with us by email or telephone. Please see our contact page for details.
We would be also delighted to welcome you if you want to have a look round our factory in Waalwijk, the Netherlands.


The Qtents stretch tent swatch fan is available on request.